Dear King of Europe fans
Dear King of Europe fans,

Once again, please check this new crazy video from Xprovid about our KW Drift Series round 3, speechless.... :

You can then find here detailed review and rankings of the round 3 :

Superlap information will be sent in a separate mailling with another incoming video for it.

Please note now important informations about our next 2 events :

First one, 21st and 22nd August will be our round 4, the famous night drifting in Mariapocs, all detailed infos can be found here :

  Rd2 review, Rd3 and SuperLap preview
Dear King of Europe fans,
First of all, please check this awesome video from Xprovid about our KW Drift Series round 2 : 
You can then find here detailed review and rankings of the round 2 : 
But the important thing coming on 18th & 19th july in Spain is the launch of our SuperLap (Time Attack) event along with the KOE drift round 3!
Some infos about our superlap event : 
Please find here the detailed schedule of this Drift & Grip week-end :
Saturday 18th July
8:00 - 9:00: Technical inspection and Registration
9:00-10:30: Training DS-KOE 1
10:30-10:55: Training TA 1
10:55-12:25: Training DS-KOE 2
12:25-12:50: Training TA 2
12:50-13:15: Training TA 3
13:15-14:45: Training DS-KOE 3
14:45-15:10: Training TA 4
15:10-16:10: TAXI DRIFT
16:10-16:30: Training TA 5
16:30-16:50: Training TA 6
16:50-18:20: Training DS-KOE 4
18:20-18:40: Training TA 7
18:40-19:00: Training TA 8
Sunday 19th July
8:00-9:00: Technical inspection
9:00-9:30: Classifying Sessions TA 1
9:30-11:00: Classifying Sessions DS-KOE
11:00-11:30: Classifying Sessions TA 2
12:00-12:30: Classifying Sessions TA 3
12:30-13:00: Classifying Sessions TA 4
13:00-14:30: Finals DS (Top 8)
14:30-15:30: TAXI DRIFT
15:30-16:00: Finals TA 1-2
16:00-16:30: Finals TA 3-4
16:30-18:45: Finals KOE (Top 16)
18:45-19:00: Trophy Ceremony
Get more information about the track here : 
Feel free to contact me for any additional informations, we will be very glad to see you there!
For instant and detailed news, don't forget also to join our facebook official page at : 

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